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Mil Mi-171

Soviet / Russian trasnport helicopter with armed assault capabilities.

Function: transport

Manufacturer: Mil

Produced: 1977 –

Rotor diameter: 21,25 m

Lenght: 18,465 m

Max. takeoff weight: 13000 kg

Max. speed: 280 km/h

Engine: 2 x Klimov VK-2500PS-03 turboshaft

Mil Mi-17 reg. 0827, Aerial firefighting using helicopter bambi bucket

Mil Mi-171 Š SH, reg. 9813, Czech Air Force

Mil Mi-171, Slovak Government Flying Service, reg. OM-BYU

Mil Mi-171Š, Pardubice Airshow 2018

Mil Mi-171 Š Hip reg. 9781 Armed Forces of the Czech Republic – walk around