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Tomark Viper SD4

Slovak ultralight aircraft. Function: travel, flight training, sports and recreational flying Manufacturer: TOMARK, s.r.o. Produced: 2007 – Wingspan: 8,34 m Lenght: 6,4 m Max. takeoff weight: 600 kg Max. speed: 200 km/h Engine: Rotax 912 ULS four cylinder four stroke, 60/74,5 kW 4x Tomark Viper SD4, group flying, SIAF 2023

BRISTELL B23 | scale

Czech ultralight aircraft. Function: sport plane, cruiser, trainer Manufacturer: BRM AERO, s.r.o. Produced: Wingspan: 9,274 m Lenght: 6,585 m Max. takeoff weight: 750 kg Max. speed: 216 km/h Engine: Rotax 912 s3 four cylinder four stroke, 75 kW EPO scale aircraft, built from kit KAVAN Wingspan: 1,6 m Lenght: 1,15 m Engine: KAVAN C3548-800 brushless […]

Let-Mont Tulák

Czech ultralight aircraft. Function: sport plane Manufacturer: Let-Mont Produced: 1998 – Wingspan: 9,6 m Lenght: Max. takeoff weight: 450 kg Max. speed: 150 km/h Engine: Rotax 503 twin cylinder two stroke air-cooled engine, 37 kW Let-Mont Twin, reg. OK-ZUD 08

Mitsubishi A6M Zero

Japanese fighter aircraft. Function: fighter Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Produced: 1940 – 1945 Wingspan: 12 m Lenght: 9,06 m Max. takeoff weight: 2796 kg Max. speed: 534 km/h Engine: Nakajima NK1C Sakae-12 14 cylinder air-cooled radial engine, 700 kW A6M ZERO 80% SCALE REPLICA

Fantasy Air Allegro

Czech ultralight aircraft. Function: sport plane Manufacturer: Fantasy Air Produced: 1995 – Wingspan: 10,8 m Lenght: 6,1 m Max. takeoff weight: 599 kg Max. speed: 219 km/h Engine: Rotax 912 four cylinder four stroke engine Fantasy Air Allegro 2000, reg. OK-FUU 20

ABC Robin | scale

British single-seat light aircraft. Function: first lightplane to be so equipped in Britain Manufacturer: ABC Motors Limited Produced: 1929 Wingspan: 7,72 m Lenght: 5,28 m Max. takeoff weight: 308 kg Max. speed: 169 km/h Engine: ABC Scorpion II piston engine, 30 kW Scale aircraft, scratch build Wingspan: 3,9 m Engine: 180cc two cylinder ZDZ gas […]