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LTV A-7 Corsair II | scale

US jet aircraft. Function: carrier-capable subsonic light attack aircraft Manufacturer: Ling-Temco-Vought Produced: 1967 – Wingspan: 11,8 m Lenght: 14,06 m Max. takeoff weight: 19050 kg Max. speed: 1100 km/h Engine: Allison TF41-A-2 non-afterburning turbofan engine, 66.7 kN Scale aircraft, scratch build Wingspan: 1,72 m Lenght: 2,13 m Takeoff weight: 8 kg EDF: Vasafan 110 mm […]

MiG-21 | scale

Soviet single-engine jet aircraft. Function: fighter, interceptor aircraft Manufacturer: Mikoyan-Gurevich Produced: 1959 – 1985 Wingspan: 7,154 m Lenght: 14,7 m Max. takeoff weight: 10400 kg Max. speed: 2175 km/h Engine: Tumansky R-25-300 afterburning turbojet, 40.18 kN thrust dry, 69.58 kN with afterburner Scale aircraft MiG-21MF 1:4, built from kit Airworld Wingspan: 1,79 m Lenght: 3,68 […]

Eurofighter Typhoon

Multi-national twin-engine jet aircraft. Function: multirole fighter Manufacturer: Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH Produced: 1994 – Wingspan: 10,95 m Lenght: 15,96 m Max. takeoff weight: 23500 kg Max. speed: 2495 km/h Engine: 2 × Eurojet EJ200 afterburning turbofan, 60 kN/ 90 kN Eurofighter Typhoon, reg. 7228, Italian Air Force (Aeronautica Militare), SIAF 2023 Eurofighter Typhoon, reg. 3116, […]

Panavia Tornado

German twin-engine wariable-sweep wing jet aircraft. Function: multirole and fighter aircraft, strike aircraft Manufacturer: Panavia Aircraft GmbH Produced: 1979 – 1998 Wingspan: 13.91 m at 25° sweep Lenght: 16,72 m Max. takeoff weight: 20240 kg Max. speed: 2400 km/h Engine: 2 × Turbo-Union RB199-34R Mk 103 afterburning 3-spool turbofan, 43.8 kN thrust each dry, 76.8 […]

Mikoyan MiG-29

Soviet twin-engine jet aircraft. Function: multirole fighter Manufacturer: Mikoyan Produced: 1981 – Wingspan: 11,36 m Lenght: 17,32 m Max. takeoff weight: 18000 kg Max. speed: 2400 km/h Engine: 2x Klimov RD-33 afterburning turbofans, 81.59 kN Mikoyan MiG-29 AS, Slovak Air Force, walk around 4x Mikoyan MiG-29 AS, Slovak Air Force

Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon

US single-engine jet aircraft. Function: multirole fighter aircraft Manufacturer: Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Lockheed Corporation Produced: 1973 – Wingspan: 9,96 m Lenght: 15,06 m Max. takeoff weight: 19187 kg Max. speed: 2178 km/h Engine: General Electric F110-GE-129 afterburning turbofan, 76,31/131 kN Lockheed Martin F-16D Block 52+, Polish Air Force (Siły Powietrzne), walk around Lockheed Martin […]

Airbus A319

European jet transport aircraft. Function: narrow-body jet airliner Manufacturer: Airbus Produced: 1994 – Wingspan: 35,8 m Lenght: 33,84 m Max. takeoff weight: 75500 kg Max. speed: 871 km/h Engine: 2 × CFM International CFM56-5B Airbus A319-115(CJ), Slovak Government Flying Service, reg. OM-BYA, first flight date 15/09/2005 Engine: 2 × CFM International CFM56-5B7/P