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Cierva C.30 autogyro | scale

Italian autogyro. Function: civil and military utility, radar calibration Manufacturer: designed by Juan de la Cierva and built under licence from the Cierva Autogiro Company by A V Roe & Co Ltd (Avro), Lioré-et-Olivier and Focke-Wulf Produced: 1934 – Rotor diameter: 11,28 m Lenght: 6 m Max. takeoff weight: 726 kg Max. speed: 180 km/h […]

AutoGyro Cavalon

German two-seat autogyro. Function: civil utility Manufacturer: AutoGyro GmbH Produced: 2011 – Rotor diameter: 8,44 m Lenght: 4,73 m Max. takeoff weight: 600 kg Max. speed: 195 km/h Engine: Rotax 915 IS, 101 kW AutoGyro Cavalon, reg. OK-XWC 65, Airshow Chotebor 2019