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Polikarpov Po-2

Soviet biplane, nicknamed “Kukuruznik”.

Function: training aircraft, low-cost ground attack, aerial reconnaissance, liaison aircraft, versatile light combat

Manufacturer: Polikarpov

Produced: 1928-1952

Wingspan: 11,4 m

Lenght: 8,17 m

Max. takeoff weight: 1350 kg

Max. speed: 152 km/h

Engine: Shvetsov M-11D 5-cylinder radial engine, 93 kW



















Polikarpov Po-2 reg. S5-MAY, Pardubice Airshow 2023

Polikarpov Po-2 reg. S5-MAY. It was produced in the Soviet Union in 1937 under the serial number 0076. During World War II it served in the Red Army and after the war in 1945 it was donated to the Yugoslav army. Since 2014 the biplane flies in the Czech Republic (Aeronautical Museum Methodius Vlach). Airshow Chotebor 2017. Chotebor airport LKCT.