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Schleicher K 11 | scale

German single seat motor glider.

Function: When the weather was not good enough to permit flying his own Ka 6 BR, Rudolf Kaiser was able to bridge the thermal gaps with the engine, which also gave it the name „Lückenbüßer“ (or „Gap Filler“)

Manufacturer: Alexander Schleicher Segelflugzeugbau

Produced: 1964

Wingspan: 12,84 m

Lenght: 6,5 m

Max. takeoff weight: 320 kg

Max. speed:

Engine: two-cylinder two-stroke engine Göbler-Hirth F 10A 1a, 19kW

Scale motor glider, built from kit OldGliders PL

Wingspan: 6 m

Lenght: 2,52 m

Engine: O.S. Engine OMA brushless motor

Battery: 6S LiPol