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Douglas DC-6

US four-engined transport aircraft.

Function: transport, airliner

Manufacturer: Douglas Aircraft Company

Produced: 1946 – 1958

Wingspan: 35,81 m

Lenght: 32,18 m

Max. takeoff weight: 49000 kg

Max. speed: 507 km/h

Engine: 4 × Pratt & Whitney R-2800-CB17 “Double Wasp” radial engine, 1900 kW with water injection

Douglas DC-6B reg. OE-LDM. Manufactured in Douglas, Santa Monica, in 1958, the plane was sold to the stateowned Yugoslavian airline JAT. Premier Marshall Josip Broz Tito ordered a luxury model for himself and his celebrity guests. In 1975, Tito sold the plane to Zambia’s head of state Kenneth Kaunda who also used the DC-6B as a luxury airliner – until he left her abandoned outside Lusaka airport. Now is the crown jewel of the Flying Bulls.