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AVIA FL.3 | scale

Italian two-seat airplane (also later known as the Lombardi FL.3). Function: sport aircraft, trainer Manufacturer: Azionaria Vercellese Industrie Aeronautiche (AVIA) / Lombardi Produced: 1939 – Wingspan: 9,85 m Lenght: 6,35 m Max. takeoff weight: 570 kg Max. speed: 195 km/h Engine: CNA D.4 four-cylinder air-cooled engine, 45 kW Scale aircraft, scratch build Wingspan: 3,3 m Engine: 90cc ZDZ gas engine Propeller: 28×10″

Bloch MB.80 | scale

French single-engine aircraft. Function: flying air ambulance, prototype Manufacturer: Marcle Bloch Produced: 1932 Wingspan: 12,59 m Lenght: 8,4 m Max. takeoff weight: Max. speed: 188 km/h Engine: Salmson 9Nd 9-cyl. air-cooled radial piston engine, 128 kW Scale aircraft, scratch build Wingspan: 2,85 m Engine: ASP FS400AR Four Stroke 5 Cylinder Glow Engine Propeller: Fiala 23×8″

Sorrell Hiperbipe | scale

US two-seat negative stagger biplane. Function: aerobatic, sport plane, experimental aircraft Manufacturer: Sorrell Aviation Produced: 1973 – Wingspan: 6,96 m Lenght: 6,35 m Max. takeoff weight: 867 kg Max. speed: 362 km/h Engine: Lycoming IO-360-B1E four cylinder four stroke piston aircraft engine, 130 kW Scale aircraft Wingspan: 2 m Takeoff weight: 6 kg Engine: RCGF 30cc gas engine

Tachikawa Ki-77 | scale

Japanese low wing twin engine aircraft Function: very long-range experimental transport and communications aircraft Manufacturer: Tachikawa Hikōki KK Produced: 1942 Wingspan: 29,438 m Lenght: 15,3 m Max. takeoff weight: 16725 kg Max. speed: 440 km/h Engine: Nakajima Ha-115 14-cyl two-row air-cooled radial piston engines, (746) 870 kW each Scale aircraft, scratch build Wingspan: 4 m Takeoff weight: 18 kg Engine: 2x ROTO 25V 24cc gas engines

Aero A.42 | scale

Czechoslovak single-engine aircraft. Function: light bomber, prototype Manufacturer: Aero Produced: 1930 Wingspan: 20,8 m Lenght: 13,8 m Max. takeoff weight: 4740 kg Max. speed: 270 km/h Engine: Isotta-Fraschini Asso 750 W-18 water-cooled piston engine, 597 kW Scale aircraft, built from kit www.lasermodely.cz Wingspan: 1,5 m Lenght: 1m Takeoff weight: 2 kg Engine: Foxy 2820 Battery: 4S2P LiIon 2100mAh Propeller: 11×5,5″

Piper PA-18 Super Cub | scale

US two-seat high-wing light aircraft. Function: sport plane, civil utility, trainer, bush flying, banner towing, glider towing Manufacturer: Piper Aircraft Produced: 1949 – 1983, 1988 – 1994 Wingspan: 10,73 m Lenght: 6,88 m Max. takeoff weight: 794 kg Max. speed: 208 km/h Engine: Lycoming O-320 air-cooled flat four, 112 kW Scale aircraft, scratch build Wingspan: 3,26 m Takeoff weight: 13 kg Engine: MVVS gas engine

ABC Robin | scale

British single-seat light aircraft. Function: first lightplane to be so equipped in Britain Manufacturer: ABC Motors Limited Produced: 1929 Wingspan: 7,72 m Lenght: 5,28 m Max. takeoff weight: 308 kg Max. speed: 169 km/h Engine: ABC Scorpion II piston engine, 30 kW Scale aircraft, scratch build Wingspan: 3,9 m Engine: 180cc two cylinder ZDZ gas engine Takeoff weight: 20 kg

Heinkel He 112 | scale

German fighter aircraft. Function: fighter Manufacturer: Heinkel Produced: 1933 – Wingspan: 11,5 m Lenght: 9 m Max. takeoff weight: 2230 kg Max. speed: 488 km/h Engine: Junkers Jumo 210Da V-12 inverted liquid-cooled piston engine, 514 kW Semiscale aircraft Heinkel He 112 B, scratch build Wingspan: 2,02 m Engine: TFL 52 cc gas engine

Aero A.200 | scale

Czechoslovak four-seater low-wing airplane. Function: sport aircraft Manufacturer: Aero Vodochody Produced: 1934 Wingspan: 11,1 m Lenght: 7,8 m Max. takeoff weight: 950 kg Max. speed: 255 km/h Engine: Walter Bora 9-cyl. air-cooled radial piston engine, 160 kW Scale aircraft, scratch build Wingspan: 4 m Engine: 170cc four stroke two cylinder gas engine Fiala FM 170 Propeller: 34×14″

Percival Mew Gull | scale

British racing low-wing aircraft. Function: speed racing Manufacturer: Percival Aircraft Company Produced: 1934 -1938 Wingspan: 7,32 m Lenght: 5,56 m Max. takeoff weight: 662 kg Max. speed: 314 km/h Engine: Napier Javelin IA 6-cylinder air-cooled inverted in-line piston engine, 123 kW Scale aircraft, scratch build Wingspan: 2,8 m Takeoff weight: 19,5 kg Engine: 120cc two-cylinder four-stroke gas engine Valach motor VM 120 Inline

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