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Druine Turbulent | scale

French low-wing open-cockpit aircraft. Function: sport and personal ultra-light plane Manufacturer: homebuild, designer Roger Druine Produced: 1951 – Wingspan: 6,53 m Lenght: 5,3 m Max. takeoff weight: 281 kg Max. speed: 201 km/h Engine: Scale aircraft, scratch build Wingspan: 1,6 m Takeoff weight: 2,66 kg Engine: Mega ACn22/45/3 Battery: 4S LiPol 4000mAh

Pober Pixie | scale

US single seat light airplane. Function: sport and recreational aircraft Manufacturer: Acro Sport (plans) Produced: 1974 – Wingspan: 9,09 m Lenght: 5,26 m Max. takeoff weight: 408 kg Max. speed: 209 km/h Engine: converted Volkswagen air-cooled engine or Limbach SL 1700 EA, 45 kW Scale aircraft, scratch build Wingspan: 1,65 m Engine: ROTON 700 Battery: 4S LiPol

Schleicher K 11 | scale

German single seat motor glider. Function: When the weather was not good enough to permit flying his own Ka 6 BR, Rudolf Kaiser was able to bridge the thermal gaps with the engine, which also gave it the name „Lückenbüßer“ (or „Gap Filler“) Manufacturer: Alexander Schleicher Segelflugzeugbau Produced: 1964 Wingspan: 12,84 m Lenght: 6,5 m Max. takeoff weight: 320 kg Max. speed: Engine: two-cylinder two-stroke engine Göbler-Hirth F 10A 1a, 19kW Scale motor glider, built from […]

Kocjan Bak | scale

Polish single seat motor glider. Function: tourism, sport flying, won a FAI world record for duration of flight in a Class D motorglider, won a record for altitude, reaching 15,075 ft (4,595 m) Manufacturer: Warsztaty Szybowcowe Produced: 1937 – Wingspan: 12,2 m Lenght: 6 m Max. takeoff weight: 325 kg Max. speed: 152 km/h Engine: two-cylinder horizontally opposed two-stroke air-cooled engine Kroeber M4 Köller, 13,4kW Scale motor glider Kocjan Bąk I, built from kit OldGliders […]


US two-seat high-wing light STOL aircraft. Function: sport plane Manufacturer: CUBCRAFTERS Produced: 2016 – Wingspan: 10,46 m Lenght: 7,26 m Max. takeoff weight: 1043 kg Max. speed: 246 km/h Engine: Lycoming O-360-C1 four cylinder, air-cooled, four stroke aircraft engine, 130 kW Scale aircraft, built from ARF kit HANGAR 9 Wingspan: 2,94 m Lenght: 2,08 m Takeoff weight: 13,4 kg Engine: four stroke two cylinder 85cc Fiala FM 85-B2-FS gas engine Propeller: Fiala 27×10″

Van’s Aircraft RV-4 | scale

US low-wing light homebuilt aircraft. Function: sport plane Manufacturer: homebuild, Van’s Aircraft, designer Richard VanGrunsven Produced: 1980 – Wingspan: 7 m Lenght: 6,2 m Max. takeoff weight: 680 kg Max. speed: 341 km/h Engine: Lycoming O-360 four cylinder piston engine, 130 kW Scale aircraft, scratch build Wingspan: 1,76 m Lenght: 1,5 m Takeoff weight: 5,1 kg Engine: Dualsky ECO 4130 V-2 Propeller: 17×12″ Battery: 6S2P JETI PowerIon 2600A

Airbus A350-900 XWB | scale

Long-range wide-body transport aircraft. Function: transport, airliner Manufacturer: Airbus Produced: 2013 – Wingspan: 64,75 m Lenght: 66,8 m Max. takeoff weight: 280 000 kg Max. speed: 950 km/h Engine: 2 × Rolls-Royce Trent XWB, 374,5 kN each Scale aircraft, scratch build Wingspan: 3,5 m Takeoff weight: 21 kg EDF: 2x Schübeler HDS 120mm Battery: 12S Lipol

Pfalz A.I | scale

German two-seat parasol (also french Morane-Saulnier L). Function: scout, fighter Manufacturer: Pfalz Flugzeugwerke Produced: 1914 – Wingspan: 11,2 m Lenght: 6,88 m Max. takeoff weight: 668 kg Max. speed: 125 km/h Engine: Oberursel U.0 seven-cylinder air-cooled rotary engine, 60 kW Scale aircraft, scratch build Wingspan: 4,5 m Lenght: 2,6 m Takeoff weight: 16 kg Engine: DLE 60 gas engine

Zlin XII | scale

Czechoslovak low-wing two-seat airplane. Function: trainer, sport plane, air tourism plane Manufacturer: Zlinska letecka akciova spolecnost Produced: 1935 – 1939 Wingspan: 10 m Lenght: 7,8 m Max. takeoff weight: 520 kg Max. speed: 155 km/h Engine: Persy II 4-cylinder flat air-cooled engine Scale aircraft, scratch build Wingspan: 3,5 m Takeoff weight: 20 kg Engine: Valach Motors (FIALA) VM 120 B2-4T two cylinder four stroke gas engine Propeller: FIALA 30×12″ Scale aircraft, scratch build Wingspan: 2,2 m […]

Beechcraft C-45 Expeditor | scale

US twin-engined utility aircraft (Model 18 Twin Beach) Function: light transport, civil and military aviation, touring, corporate travel, military aircrew trainer, photo-reconnaissance Manufacturer: Beech Aircraft Corporation Produced: 1937 –1970 Wingspan: 14,53 m Lenght: 10,41 m Max. takeoff weight: 3959 kg Max. speed: 360 km/h Engine: 2x Pratt & Whitney R-985-AN-1 “Wasp Junior” radial engines, 336 kW Beechcraft 18, scratch build Wingspan: 3,6 m Lenght: 2,75 m Takeoff weight: 24 kg Engine: 2x TITAN ZG 45 […]

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