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Horten III | scale

German flying wing. Function: glider, motor glider Manufacturer: Horten Flugzeugbau Produced: 1937 – 1944 Wingspan: 20,5 m Center section lenght: 5 m Max. takeoff weight: 450 kg Max. speed: 160 km/h Engine: Volkswagen engine, 22 kW Scale RC flying wing, built from kit fun-modellbau.de Wingspan: 4,1 m Takeoff weight: 7,5 kg Engine: DUALSKY motor XM5060EA-10 V3 Propeller: RF 15×8,5-S Battery: 6S LiPol

Hansa-Brandenburg B.I | scale

German two-seat biplane. Function: reconnaissance aircraft Manufacturer: Hansa-Brandenburg, Aero, Letov Produced: 1914 – Wingspan: 13,13 m Lenght: 8,46 m Max. takeoff weight: 1060 kg Max. speed: 125 km/h Engine: Benz Bz.III, 112 kW, Mercedes D.III liquid-cooled inline engine, 120 kW Scale aircraft, scratch build Wingspan: 2,9 m Engine: gas engine Saito 40cc

EW 2 | scale

German four-seater glider with double Fowler flaps Function: prototype Manufacturer: Lehrwerkstad of the Heinkel Flugzeugwerke Rostock Produced: 1941 Wingspan: 21,58 m Lenght: 8,56 m Max. takeoff weight: 680kg Max. speed: Glide ratio: Scale glider, scratch build Wingspan: 4,31 m Lenght: 1,71m Weight: 14,2 kg

Heinkel He 112 | scale

German fighter aircraft. Function: fighter Manufacturer: Heinkel Produced: 1933 – Wingspan: 11,5 m Lenght: 9 m Max. takeoff weight: 2230 kg Max. speed: 488 km/h Engine: Junkers Jumo 210Da V-12 inverted liquid-cooled piston engine, 514 kW Semiscale aircraft Heinkel He 112 B, scratch build Wingspan: 2,02 m Engine: TFL 52 cc gas engine

Bücker Bü 131 Jungmann | scale

German biplane, Jungmann – english young man Function: trainer, aerobatic Manufacturer: Bücker Flugzeugbau Produced: 1935 – Wingspan: 7,4 m Lenght: 6,62 m Max. takeoff weight: 670 kg Max. speed: 152 km/h Engine: Hirth HM 504 four-cylinder inverted inline engine, 70 kW Scale biplane, built from kit BLACK HORSE MODEL Wingspan: 1,85 m Lenght: 1,66 m Engine: 33 cc gas engine

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