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Druine Turbulent | scale

French low-wing open-cockpit aircraft. Function: sport and personal ultra-light plane Manufacturer: homebuild, designer Roger Druine Produced: 1951 – Wingspan: 6,53 m Lenght: 5,3 m Max. takeoff weight: 281 kg Max. speed: 201 km/h Engine: Scale aircraft, scratch build Wingspan: 1,6 m Takeoff weight: 2,66 kg Engine: Mega ACn22/45/3 Battery: 4S LiPol 4000mAh

Steen Skybolt | scale

US homebuilt aerobatic biplane. Function: aerobatic Manufacturer: Steen Aero Lab Inc. (designer Lamar Steen) Produced: 1970 – Wingspan: 7,32 m Lenght: 5,79 m Max. takeoff weight: 748 kg Max. speed: 233 km/h Engine: Lycoming HO-360-B1B piston engine, 130 kW Scale biplane, scratch build Wingspan: 1,56 m Engine: AXI 4120/18

Wien | scale

German single-seat glider Function: performance glider Manufacturer: Kegel Flugzeugbau Kassel Produced: 1929 -1931 Wingspan: 19,5 m Lenght: 7,88 m Max. takeoff weight: 248 kg Max. speed: Glide ratio: Scale glider, scratch build Wingspan: 3,9 m Weight: 5,35 kg

Pober Pixie | scale

US single seat light airplane. Function: sport and recreational aircraft Manufacturer: Acro Sport (plans) Produced: 1974 – Wingspan: 9,09 m Lenght: 5,26 m Max. takeoff weight: 408 kg Max. speed: 209 km/h Engine: converted Volkswagen air-cooled engine or Limbach SL 1700 EA, 45 kW Scale aircraft, scratch build Wingspan: 1,65 m Engine: ROTON 700 Battery: 4S LiPol

Salto H-101 | scale

German single-seat glider. Function: aerobatic Manufacturer: Start + Flug GmbH Saulgau Produced: 1970 – 1996 Wingspan: 13,3 / 15,5 m Lenght: 5,7 m Max. takeoff weight: 280 / 310 kg Max. speed: 250 / 280 km/h Glide ratio: 34,5 / 37 Scale glider, scratch build Wingspan: 4,1 m Weight: 9 kg

L-21 Spartak | scale

Czechoslovak single seat allwood glider. Function: efficient sailing Manufacturer: Produced: 1957 Wingspan: 18 m Lenght: 8,1 m Flying weight: 390 kg (490 kg with water load) Max. speed: 250 km/h Glide ratio: 38 Scale glider, scratch build Wingspan: 6 m Lenght: 2,7 m Weight: 17 kg

Schleicher K 11 | scale

German single seat motor glider. Function: When the weather was not good enough to permit flying his own Ka 6 BR, Rudolf Kaiser was able to bridge the thermal gaps with the engine, which also gave it the name „Lückenbüßer“ (or „Gap Filler“) Manufacturer: Alexander Schleicher Segelflugzeugbau Produced: 1964 Wingspan: 12,84 m Lenght: 6,5 m Max. takeoff weight: 320 kg Max. speed: Engine: two-cylinder two-stroke engine Göbler-Hirth F 10A 1a, 19kW Scale motor glider, built from […]

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