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Month: January 2020

Racek 3 Mrkev, scale

Czechoslovak allwood one-seat glider. Function: amateur construction Manufacturer: František Kantor and Karel Kuklík Produced: 1937, built 1 piece Wingspan: 15,2 m Lenght: 6,5 m Max. takeoff weight: 310 kg Max. speed: Glide ratio: 22 Scale glider, scratch build Wingspan: 7,6 m Takeoff weight: 35 kg

Elsnic EL-2M Šedý vlk, scale

Czechoslovak allwood two-seat glider. Function: aviation clubs Manufacturer: Zlin Produced: 1934 – 1939 Wingspan: 13,5 m Lenght: 6,8 m Max. takeoff weight: 330 kg Max. speed: Descent speed: 0,95 m/s Scale glider, scratch build Wingspan: 6,75 m Takeoff weight: 35 kg

Schleicher Condor, scale

German high performance single / two-seat glider. Function: trainer Manufacturer: Alexander Schleicher Segelflugzeugbau Produced: 1932 – 1955 Wingspan: 18 m Lenght: 8,44 m Max. takeoff weight: 560 kg Max. speed: Glide ratio: 31 Schleicher Condor IV scale glider, scratch build Wingspan: 6 m Takeoff weight: 16,5 kg

de Havilland DH.60 Moth, scale

English two-seat biplane. Function: touring and training aircraft Manufacturer: de Havilland Produced: 1925 – Wingspan: 9,14 m Lenght: 7,29 m Max. takeoff weight: 750 kg Max. speed: 164 km/h Engine: de Havilland Gipsy I 4 cylinder, upright, in-line piston engine, 75 kW de Havilland DH.60 Gipsy Moth, scale aircraft, scratch build Wingspan: 2,5 m Takeoff weight: 8 kg Engine: four stroke gasoline engine O.S. Engine 40cc

Avia BH-11, scale

Czechoslovak two-seat airplane (military designation B-11). Function: sport, training and courier aircraft Manufacturer: Avia Produced: 1924 – Wingspan: 9,72 m Lenght: 6,64 m Max. takeoff weight: 579 kg Max. speed: 155 km/h Engine: Walter NZ-60, 44-55 kW Scale aircraft, scratch build (BH-5 coloring) Wingspan: 3 m Takeoff weight: 18 kg Engine: radial 5-cylinder four stroke 150cc Moki